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Lowa researchers will deliver telemonitoring programs for Covid-19. It will be using the hospital resources for disease identification.

In a recent study, Lowa published the journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. They discussed the telehealth program is an effective source. It is the most sustainable way to manage healthcare.

The study detailed the ways to avoid unnecessary hospitalization. It also tends to identify declining patients and facilitate care. It is to provide support to patients and families.

The researcher stated,” Despite the low intensity of the intervention, our results support the use of telehealth to effectively monitor patients with COVID-19 at home.”1,128 University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics patients with COVID-19 will also be meeting the criteria. The home monitoring program, known as HMP, is the next new thing.

Patients will also be enlisted as per their risk category. And age will also be a big defining factor. Patients will also receive a high-risk monitoring package. It is part of the pulse oximeter. There will also be an automated blood pressure cuff. It is also a vital signs and symptoms record sheet. There will be contact information to report worsening symptoms. And, then we will have instructions in English, Spanish, and French.

This will usually be outside business hours. There will be a phone line for patients to use in case of an emergency. This telehealth facility will also help reduce saturation below 92 percent.

All the symptoms will be into consideration. For example, the shortness of breath and their systolic blood pressure. What if they experienced it or worse. Everything will be part of the home monitoring.

Health systems are always brainstorming the best methods. It is to keep patients away from the hospital throughout the epidemic. Remote patient monitoring contributes to excellent COVID-19 patient outcomes. It was at the Mayo Clinic. There is always a risk of RPM. It is beyond acute situations.

Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq is the chairman, CEO, and creator of Biotricity. He calls the Healthcare IT News that telehealth is a great aid for Covid Patients.