Health and Wellness Informatics News

AI has successfully powered up the medical sector and has contributed to better patient treatment.

Essen Health Care in New York serves patients having chronic and acute problems. It offers physical therapy to them and also serves several elderly house call patients. In addition, AI-powered telehealth helps a lot of medical experts.

In healthcare, access and continuity to care for patients having chronic diseases are challenging. Also, treating patients going through orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation is difficult.

To solve this problem, Essen Health Care connected with Wizecare’s remote monitoring and virtual rehabilitation technology. AI, computer vision, ML, analysis, and collection of big data power this technology. It is a complete solution for the rehabilitation stakeholders like a clinician, patients, and others.

This telehealth platform makes use of prerecorded, personalized videos as its medium of treatment. Also, it utilizes open architecture for the mobile tracking tech running on customer devices. This enhances patient compliance and reduces costs and risks related to readmission into the hospital.

Essen Health Care offers this technology in a hybrid model at every PT center. Patients needing physical therapy are referred to Essen PT Center. The mobile app is also available for Android or iOS mobiles, and the patients can download it. Also, the web app is available for iPad or laptop users. About 1000 exercises are available, and it also prescribes frequency.

The technology offers real-time performance feedback and tracks performance quality and adherence. A patient can share all these details with the PT. Also, the facility for a video call is available. The PT can see the patients doing the exercise. The patient can anytime get in touch with the PT through app chat and put-up questions.

This virtual physical therapy from AI-powered telehealth has helped a lot. It enabled the patients to perform their plans in an affordable and accessible manner. It facilitates better clinical output, quicker recovery time, and enhanced wellbeing and health.

New technology will need continuous tweaking. Therefore, adoption, training, and staff education are important to attain success in the technological field.