It is worth noting that while telehealth is here to stay and the numbers are rapidly increasing day-by-day, it is also important for all the companies that are already in the market to take their first-mover advantage as soon as possible because if they don’t, someone else will and they will have no benefit of being in the market for several years and toiling hard for this day. It is also worth noting that telehealth companies find it easier to acquire other companies instead of developing their own software or capabilities because it just makes more sense financially.

We are here to report that a telehealth company named eVisit has today announced that they have acquired Bluestream Health which is another company that specializes in integrated language services for the healthcare sector. The acquisition was also made in order to expand the network of physicians as well as hospitals and health systems. According to eVisit’s CEO Sachin Agarwal, “The Bluestream acquisition will allow eVisit to scale its acute and enterprise care offerings more quickly. It will double eVisit’s current customer base, including physician networks, hospitals, and health systems, to more than 100 organizations”.

Sachin added that “[There are] a lot of the same foundational issues,”. “An underserved population, often ignored [with] significant health care needs [and] high barriers to access that can be addressed through opening up more effective digital front doors and seamless workflow.” He added, “I think this market will benefit from increased consolidation of really, [what are] kind of fragmented capabilities,”. “We’re going to continue to be opportunistic about ways to consolidate so that we can be more [comprehensive] and what we can offer our customers.”

Giving confidence to the employees of Bluestream, Sachin said that “eVisit will retain more than 90% of Bluestream’s workforce. Duplicate roles were identified in some sales and marketing roles”. He added that these duplicate roles will be eliminated meaning that about 10% of its workforce will be laid off, but the company did not mention how much workforce will be laid off or what is the total workforce that Bluestream currently employs. eVisit was founded in 2014 and has been backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management.