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Telehealth clinician is making use of the technology to improve the worm’s health

Patients of Dr. Mariea Snell only need a smartphone to connect via text or video for complete care. She is discussing her work training with the tech-enabled clinicians of the future.

For years now, telehealth clinician Maria Snell or Maven Clinic has worked in an inner-city clinic for public health. She and her colleagues have a very busy schedule every day. Even though they are buddy enough, she has noticed that most of her patients are women. 

The female p[atinets struggle with many responsibilities, which makes it difficult for them to receive care. Hence Maria has always been passionate about the health of women. While feeling the frustrations of caring rhythm and the barriers they face, she decided to explore new technologies.

Telehealth seemed quite effective for her patients. One can have easy access to the care with the help of a smartphone or a tablet.

After looking at several companies for telehealth, she came across the Maven clinic in New York. Maven Clinic pursues the goal to improve access to care for women and their families. It is offering access to doctors, nurses, mental health providers, practitioners, and many others to help.

All of the professionals can reach out to the acre with any smartphone or tablet. One can either text or have a video visit with the provider.

Beyond the connection with the provider, Maven clinic also works on offering a robust team and community for care. Patients can engage in more than just one visit. And the entire community of the care of the providers who want to improve the patients can approach this technology.

As Snell started using the system to see the patients, he found that it is very simple for us. She can easily put her schedules and let her patients know where they can find her online. The patients can book an appointment seamlessly with her using the platform with their phones. They can have a video visit from anywhere. They can also send a secure text or questions to her at any time.

She has found that women of all ages used the app to seek care. Many young women have used the app for its convenience. This system is providing an easy way for everyone to connect with her and talk about their life situations. The texting feature is also very helpful as Snell can use it to give better care. Any of the patients on the platform can text a provider. She is looking for these functions.

With the help of this technology, Snell has been able to see women of all ages across the nation. She has also increased the access for her patients. She is also proving the flexibility in the care access that they desperately need. This has been very helpful for her during the challenging time of the pandemic. Also, it has helped her better treat her patients with anxiety.