It is known that the smartphones we are using today were not there just about a decade and a half ago and it is extremely wild to think about that for a second. It is a fact that most people can’t live without their smartphones for even 24 hours now and those who say they can, they will not be able to survive more than a week. Now, it is worth noting that while everyone blames the innovation of smartphones on the bad things such as obesity, high screen time and other things, there is a positive side to smartphones as well. Let’s talk about telehealth and the scope of smartphones with telehealth.

You must be aware that most people have smartphones nowadays but we can’t say the same about a PC or Laptop or even a tablet. So the fact that telehealth works on a smartphone and does not require a PC or something else is a major boon. It is also reported that telehealth has helped most small practitioners take care of their patients thanks to their smartphones. As per a statement from Dr Sharma of UC Davis in California, “Telehealth practice helped providers in small independent solo practices continue to manage their patients during the pandemic,”

She added that “Telehealth has the potential to make health care equitable and accessible to almost 90% of US adults, including those in the medically underserved communities, owing to their use of smartphones.” She revealed that goal blood pressure was achieved 94.6% during the pandemic compared to 75% before the pandemic which means that telehealth improved the daily lives of their patients.

Dr. Machata, an MD from a board-certified family physician said, “Do we want patients’ only choice to be cared for by overworked doctors seeing as many patients per hour as possible because bean-counter bosses treat medical care like an assembly line? Small practices offer patients the ability to receive personal care at a relaxed pace.” and added that patients also deserve to have a choice. Thanks to telehealth, they are getting their choice to choose the practitioner they want instead of just going to an overworked doctor’s clinic.