We know that there are a lot of trends and reports being carried out by people in the telehealth industry every day and it is also seen that those surveys reveal the larger trend going on in the industry as well. This is also the reason why report on these surveys as they are really helpful in studying the telehealth industry and its use-cases. Now, a new survey has been conducted on telehealth’s usage demographic and it reveals a lot about how it is being used by people of different ages.

Talking about the survey, it was carried out by James Bailey from Colliers, regarding the benefits of telehealth. From the survey, it was concluded that “the benefits of this virtual healthcare mechanism significantly reduced patient wait times, lowered costs for healthcare providers, and increased overall efficiency for physicians.” The bigger and actually interesting outcome of this survey was that the Bailey report revealed that “older patients are significantly more inclined to embrace it over younger crowds, which often hold the reputation of being digital natives who embrace all things technology”.

As per Bailey, “Telehealth’s growth reflects what today’s patients value: Convenience and efficiency. This correlates to the shift toward medical office buildings for care delivery, which are typically located in easily accessible hubs near retail with ample parking.” It was added that “the post-pandemic world is adapting well to the viable hybrid solutions available in health care and the workplace.” He also mentioned that “while many older workers prefer work-from-home scenarios rather than being in the office, younger workers prefer an office setting because they “crave face-to-face feedback from their managers as they start their career journey.” One survey recently also concluded that most of the Gen Z workers wanted to return to work-from-office either permanently or temporarily as they needed a “helping hand” compared to more experienced workers. It is quite interesting to see that this data is related to the adoption of telehealth among people as well. This could also be the main reason why Amazon Clinic expanded to all states of the US last week and why it could be a successful move too.