You must have seen that telehealth is one of the most trending changes in the healthcare industry because of the convenience it provides where you can just get the medicines prescribed right at home and start taking them without even visiting your doctor. Yes, there is a procedure to examine the patient as well as understand if the medication is right for them. Now, the benefits of telehealth are known to everyone and one of the upcoming health care sectors in telehealth is weight loss industry.

We all know that obesity is a real problem in the world and it leads to several other problems in your body which is why everyone recommends you to lose weight not just to look fit but heal your body from inside as well. Talking about the obesity market, we now have a lot of drugs that are FDA-approved and known to work in order to lose weight. One of the famous drugs that was made popular by Elon Musk was Ozempic which is actually a drug given to diabetics. Musk said that he lost around 10kgs of weight after taking this drug which is a good result.

Now, a famous telehealth company named Teladoc just announced that they will enter the Obesity Drug market and start prescribing weight loss pills for its patients so that they get shredded. This has made the investors of this company happy as this is a huge market to capture. The company mentioned that they will prescribe the Novo Nordisk-manufactured Wegovy drug to their patients among others. Due to this, shares of Novo Nordisk have gone up as well because of the reach that Teladoc has.

Teladoc said that “About 42% of adults in the United States were estimated to live with obesity and 1 in 3 American adults have pre-diabetes” which is a real cause of concern. It is also known that Wegovy is much more helpful in weight loss compared to other drugs present in the market with no known side effects as well. Reuters reports that “Teladoc was so far providing doctor-based services to diabetes and hypertension patients through Livongo, the chronic care platform it acquired in 2020, but will now cater to a large market with new diabetes and weight loss medications as well”.