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HIMSS wants its members to get involved. It wants them to promote policies on telehealth expansion and maternal health. They are the core issue in health right now.

Many healthcare stakeholders are getting initiated for involvement in some initiatives. HIMSS is doing the initiation. The two initiatives support quality care for the at-risk population and the underserved. HIMSS wants stakeholders to expand access to these groups. Telehealth expansion and maternal health are also among the policies.

HIMSS is also celebrating its Global Health Equity Week. As a result of this, it is promoting two policy campaigns. Both of these campaigns are important. They are at the federal level and the state level. The first campaign is about telehealth expansion. It also focuses on protecting access and uptake of virtual care.

The perks of these policies can become extinct after the public emergency expires. HIMSS is urging its members to extend the coverage of all telehealth services. This telehealth expansion is also under the care of Medicare. The supported timeline of expansion is the 31st of December, 2024.

HIMSS specifically wants to support the Advancing Telehealth Beyond Covid-19 Act of 2022. The House of Representatives has cleared this act. But the Senate has not done anything for this act. The bill has many provisions that can help the patients.

The bill would grant permission to health centers to continue with telehealth expansion. These medical centers will include both federally qualified and rural health clinics. Under telehealth expansion, patients will also get all the benefits of telehealth. The patients can receive and get care from their homes itself. This, in itself, is a huge advantage.

The second campaign is for maternal health. The campaign focuses on improving maternal care and the protection of the people. HIMSS is urging its members to contact their governors and other authorities. They should also make use of every information available to tackle maternal mortality.

The US has the highest maternal mortality rate among similar countries. Almost 80 percent of deaths due to pregnancy were preventable. The risks have grown due to the pandemic also. HIMSS also wants states to develop new tech to counter this problem.