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Renton plans to become more consumer-driven. It aims to utilize telehealth to access healthcare and incorporate accessibility in their healthcare. It provides capacity and telehealth demand.

The technology-enhanced the percentage of patients who were scheduling digitally enable visits by 65%. 30% of patients coming in DexCare telehealth services are new. Washington-based Providence knew healthcare was becoming more consumer-driven. Also, it is telehealth that plays a role in how care got accessed and delivered.

Providence needed to evolve its digital capabilities like many telehealth systems. Also, this was important to exceed customers’ expectations of accessing care. Sara Vaezy is the executive vice president and chief digital officer at Providence.

She stated, “Providence had developed Express Care, our retail medicine and on-demand virtual service, and initially, we were thinking about a platform that could help with digital patient acquisition for that same-day care business, strategically navigating patients to the most appropriate care setting within Providence.”

She added that we need a digital platform that would fully integrate all existing IT investments. It would also allow us to seamlessly shift resources between in-clinic telehealth visits. This would ensure hundreds of thousands of patients we serve received proper care.

The Digital Innovation Group at Providence built to help the health system and the industry confidently adopt digital solutions. The group envisions to get built on the clinical and operating partners. They also aim to shape, build and scale meaningful digital solutions to one of the largest telehealth systems.

Vaezy explained that the available care options that used telehealth and scheduling technology are beginning to grow. However, these solutions did not get well integrated. They were not even consistently delivered better. In addition, they were not convenient and easily accessible.

She stated that we concluded that the solution is not available on the market. Therefore, digital innovation is in need. They also came up with various solutions that will help in evolving modalities. They tend to cater to navigation and access matters. It will offer Omni models in the current scenario.