While we know that telehealth and telemedicine companies have had a big boom during the pandemic, the growth has not slowed down even after a few years of the pandemic which means that people are getting used to the technology and liking it as well. This is also the reason why we are seeing a lot of health startups now making innovations in the telehealth sector as well. Talking about the same, we are reporting about an acquisition of telehealth startup named Plant Based Telehealth. It is known that Love.Life has acquired this startup and added to its lineup of offerings.

Love.Life is a company that offers medicines at physical locations and the company needed a wing that would take care of the telehealth side. Now, we can see that the telehealth side of Love.Life has been covered with this acquisition as the company announces that its new telehealth division has been rebranded as Love.Life Telehealth. John Mackey, CEO of Love.Life says “Love.Life is about making lasting health and vitality achievable, and acquiring Plant Based TeleHealth accelerates our ability to help more people without geographic limitations,”. “Appointments are available now, and we’re excited to offer telehealth services as part of the comprehensive medical offering available in our physical locations, which will begin opening in 2024.”

Live.Life telehealth will offer telehealth consultation to patients who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other life-threatening diseases as well. Live.Life telehealth will promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle and plant-based diet to change the practice of promoting only medicines to live and instead promote healthy behaviors.

You can get the Love.Life Telehealth appointments for either 30-minute or 60-minute sessions and it would cost you $175 or $350, respectively. Right now, the Love.Life Telehealth services are available all across the US as it is available in 50 states and also available in 27 countries as well. With the acquisition of Plant Based Telehealth, its CEO Anthony Masiello has joined executive leadership at Love.Life and adds that “we’re thrilled to be part of an integrated health solution that aspires to move beyond medical care that simply treats symptoms and manages disease with medications,”