You must have seen that there was a time when even the X-ray vision that we see now was very far away from reality and people thought that it would damage the body so everyone refrained from getting them. However, it has become an important part of diagnosing the interior parts of our body and examine what is wrong inside them. However, the process of taking an X-Ray is tedious right now as the machines are big and the patients have to travel to the spot where the machine is so that the X-Ray can be taken.

However, what if we tell you that there will come a time when the X-Ray will be taken by the doctor right inside his clinic or on your bed if you are at the hospital. Yes, this will soon become reality as OSOX Medical is taking a huge leap forward in building portable X-Ray machines. OSOX Medical has just raised a Series A round funding of $23 Million of what it calls a “radiology department in a box.” OSOX Medical’s CEO explains that “X-ray is the primary medical imaging modality, used at the beginning or end of over 70% of health interventions, but 80% of the world lacks access to imaging,”

He adds that “We aim to put safe, powerful and simple X-ray technology in the hands of urgent care centers, sports teams, home care and international mission operations, where a real-time diagnosis is critical to saving human lives. As a small company, there are certain things that we just can’t do. This money unlocks a number of new initiatives, everything from cost reduction activities, to product development, to advanced research, and other initiatives. Our goal is for anyone, anywhere, to be able to unpack an OXOS device and have a complete radiography solution available immediately.”

Talking about the side effects of radiation, OSOX Medical says that “OXOS devices use 80% less radiation than existing devices, shifting the envelope of what’s possible in radiography,” The company also claims that it is the only company to provide “both static images (digital radiography) and live imaging (dynamic digital radiography), for both diagnostic and surgical radiography, in any setting”.