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The Health system makes use of handheld devices to check a patient’s heart, lungs, and ear from afar. The patient can self-examine themselves from their home.

The pandemic has led to the acceptance of telehealth in health care. It assists and holds value in monitoring patients remotely. However, there are still drawbacks to providing a diagnosis as accurate as a physician.

A physician director, Dr. Nadim Ilbawi, highlighted that “While video capabilities allowed visualization of certain skin concerns and the general appearance and wellbeing of patients, it was not possible to listen to heart and lung sounds.”

Telehealth limits the examination of the eardrum and throat. These signs can define the disease. The diagnosis of some diseases is also possible with a physical exam.

He gives an example of an ear infection. The diagnosis is impossible without looking directly at the eardrum. Also, the same goes for pneumonia or asthma.

NorthsShore University HealthSystem is in collaboration with telehealth from vendor TytoCare. Nadim IIbawi also sees the importance of right staffing with telehealth. The product can change the face of health care in the coming years.

The developed small-hand device enables visualization of the throat, eardrum, and skin. Clinicians can also easily listen to the heart and lungs.

The device comes with add-on pieces. It can turn on a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat. Also, like an otoscope to look at the ear canal. It can also turn into a tongue depressor. It will help look inside the mouth and throat.

The health system gave the tools to the physician. It is applicable in their patient platform to schedule urgent visits. It also provides one with options for acute symptoms.

This telehealth technology is mainly in use for acute concerns. The linked personal visits allow immediate care for serious health problems. This technology also saves time for patients and kids with acute symbols.

The new technology needs to pair up with efficient staff to streamline the process. It involves the engagement of physicians to provide quality service. It aims to create a team of dedicated clinicians to make this technology effective.