You must know that telehealth is one of those technologies right now that is excellent and so beneficial to the entire world because of the various use cases and the convenience it provides yet we know that it is a topic that will divide people because of the fact that they have not been accustomed to getting the healthcare services at their home and they now have a habit of going to the clinic to get healthcare because in their mind, it has been set that they will get a better result by going to the clinic physically. The same goes for abortion care as well where it has become a notion that the best care you get is by going to a clinic physically and getting the kit from there.

However, we must tell you that for those who have got up to speed with telehealth, we have great news because New York City has become the first in US to provide abortion care via telehealth which means that if you want to get aborted then you don’t have to book an appointment, get yourself examined and then get aborted as the process via telehealth is much smoother. NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that “abortion pill prescriptions would now be available by telephone or online, adding that such access can happen from “the comfort of your home”. He added that “If you are clinically eligible, that provider will be able to prescribe abortion medication that would be delivered to your New York City address within days”. Giving some political touch to his speech, he said “We will not stand idly by as these attacks continue and the far-rights seeks to strip our citizens of their basic rights,”

CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York said, “Today marks a historic win for abortion access in New York City,” and also added “When we make abortion care more accessible, we empower individuals to make the best decisions for themselves, their families and their futures,” Due to this move, New York City residents will now be able to connect with health practitioners for those prescriptions, building on previous legislations to protect abortions rights in New York.