There is a common saying that what is good can also be bad for others and what is bad may also be good for others. For example, if we talk about telehealth then it is a game-changer for many people as they don’t have to go out of their house to get medication prescribed and some of them might not even have the ability to go outside so that is a positive for all of them. However, the fact that medication can be prescribed through telehealth means that there will be shortage of the medication for those who really need them and there might be cases of misuse as well.

A new report regarding telehealth prescriptions in the US states that only 2% of ADHD drugs were prescribed to patients before 2019 but since the pandemic, that number has risen to over half of the ADHD drugs prescribed to the patients. In August 2022, it was known that a common ADHD drug named Adderall was difficult to find for its users which prompted the discussion of telehealth and its prescriptions. For those of you who don’t know, ADHD is described as a “chronic and debilitating disorder that is known to impact the individual in many aspects of their life including academic and professional achievements, interpersonal relationships, and daily functioning.” 

Since ADHD medications are classified under a Schedule II category, there is a limit to how much raw material companies get to manufacture such medication. The makers of ADHD medication say that they have run out of supplies due to a shortage. The DEA said in a statement that they “are aware that the pharmaceutical industry is claiming that there is a quota shortage for the active ingredients in ADHD drugs,” however, “based on DEA information — which is provided by drug manufacturers — this is not true.”

DEA has proposed to reintroduce former policies regarding telehealth which means that the freedom with which these telehealth startups and companies were operating will be curbed and patients will no longer be able to obtain prescriptions to controlled substances via telehealth and they must visit in-person to get the ADHD drugs prescribed.