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The Wisconsin Health system makes use of telehealth in its nine hospitals. The Marshfield-based health system has served 250,000 telemedicine since the pandemic. It also includes child health care centers across 30 communities.

The platform was already running before the spread of Covid. MCHS has a 25-year record of serving the local community. However, it aims to serve rural and backward people.

The MCHS holds the vision to make health care accessible to all. With the incorporation of telehealth, it is all set to remove barriers. The lack of transportation is one such barrier.

It launched telehealth in cooperation with the Health Resource and Service Administration grant. HRSA also partners with MCHS even today.

45 out of its 90 specialties provided service via telehealth. The clinicians also treated patients at 60 physical locations. It saved time and money.

MCHS treated 15,000 patients via telehealth in 2019. It also holds a record of 60,000 tele-pharmacy consultants.

The institute expanded its telehealth services with the waivers from CMS. During the Covid-19 times, the institute offered 1500 video visits. The institute focused on working with telehealth.

Chris Meyer, Director at MHS, stated that “Satisfaction scores were very solid for an entirely new service launched so quickly. We are taking lessons learned and building them into our new Amwell platform with full integration with our Cerner EHR in 2022.”

The institute even launched a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant platform. It was to increase patient satisfaction. WebEx and telephone care are always available for everyone. With the introduction of these two, the institute provided 130,000 visits. 60% of the care was on the telephone.

This clears the picture for the modality of health care. Now, patients can carry both physical and online health care. The satisfaction ratio is the same in both.

Telehealth brings together a variety of clinicians at one platform. It is low in cost and tends to meet the same patients.