You must be aware that there is a nurse given for every patient around the world when you get admitted to a hospital so he/she can take care of the patient whenever the patient needs them and due to this reason, they can get the care that they need. However, the problem with this for hospitals is that they need to assign a person for every patient which means that it becomes hard for them to manage so many people and also the fact that if someone is on a leave then it becomes even more difficult to manage the patients as someone will have to manage two patients at a time.

Due to this reason, we have a concept of physical sitters who are sitting next to patients so that they don’t do anything to themselves. This is mostly needed for patients who have psychological problems as well. Dr. William said, “We would then hire and assign an individual to sit at the bedside with the patient and provide visual and verbal cues to promote safety,” but he also explains that the problem with this method “was that this workforce had struggles maintaining itself”. He added that “This was generally used for retired clinical nurses or others who had the time and desire to sit next to a patient,” he continued. “As a result, we had difficulty at times staffing the required situation. When that happened, we would generally have to re-assign an even more critical individual, such as a nurse or a patient care technician, to help protect that patient.”

To solve this problem, Lee Health have introduced a concept of virtual sitters next to the patient who will keep on monitoring patients and the advantage of this technology is that it can monitor multiple patients at a time without the need of multiple machines. The result of this technology, as Lee Health says, is that “We have avoided potentially dangerous situations, such as smoking,” and noted that “We have also even further decreased falls of these observed patients.” along with significant cost savings for the patients and the medical centers as well.