It is worth noting that while abortion is considered a taboo topic in many parts of the world, it is completely legal to go on with abortion in other parts of the world. In India and other countries, it is considered a crime to detect the gender of a baby before birth but this is legal in North America and Canada as well. Similarly, in the US, it is legal to abort the baby if there are complications or otherwise as well. However, the problem with abortion in the US is that it has to be done with a physical visit to the clinic.

Now, we are here to report that Hey Jane has become the first telehealth and telemedicine provider in the US to provide insurance even for abortion care and medication that they provide. Hey Jane, during the announcement, said that it is possible that patients are not able to travel to the clinic for abortion care because of the various reasons which include hesitation due to being underage as well. Also, abortion care is not affordable for most people and they also need to gather funds for the same so patients have told Hey Jane that they lack funds and their abortion care is delayed due to gathering of funds as well. This is the reason why including abortion care with insurance is a huge step not only for the industry but the patients seeking abortion care as well.

Gaby Santana, Chief Revenue Officer at Hey Jane said, “Since launch, we’ve helped more than 25,000 patients get the care they need,” “But we also know there’s a lot more to be done to truly expand access. When you look at the sweeping restrictions in our post-Roe world, it’s become evident that patients need as many choices as possible, and affordability is paramount. Hey Jane is actively working to expand the capacity of the entire abortion ecosystem and insurance is just the beginning.” Hey Jane’s CEO also said, “We stand firm in our belief that abortion care should be available to everyone,” “And we won’t stop doing everything we can to make sure patients can get the care they need when they need it.”