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The rapid increase in Medicaid technology aims to take growth in the five states. The pandemic was the major cause of the increase.

U.S Government is taking a check on telehealth quality. The medicare centers and Medicaid services need to disclose the dependence on telehealth utilization. The rapid increase is to focus on the care quality. The GAO also cites the surge in the usage evenly in the country.

The survey took data from five states. Arizona, Maine, Missouri, California, and Mississippi. All of these states showed an increase in usage. The number and percentage of services had risen. The Medicaid beneficiaries are also providing remote health care.

32.5 million services catered between March 2020 and 2021. It was 2.1 million services over the period.

The overall usage of the technology increased. 4.9 million beneficiaries in only those five states. It was with the comparison of 455,00 every year. However, covid-19 was responsible for the cause.

The increasing number of Medicaid patients explains the requirement for enhanced telehealth quality. The greatest increase was in the state of Maine. 2.5% of Maine Medicaid rose between the time frame of March 2019 to February 2020. There was also a further increase up to 41.8%.

California also had the same kind of increase. With Arizona reaching up to 43.8% in the recent survey. But, that was not an astonishing figure. Mississippi saw the best rise. It also went from 1.2% to 25.4%. At the same time, Missouri rose to 19.9%.

The telehealth quality saw a rise with Covid-19. The CARES Act held provisions with GAO to report federal responses. The agency will also examine the role of Medicaid flexibilities.

CMS utilized emergency waivers to deal with an increasing number of covid cases. The regulatory authorities take a toll. It is for the implementation of health care services.

The statutory limitation for the geographic restriction was also submerged. It is also highly important to measure telehealth quality today. With more dependence on it, one needs to check all the detail. It described the comparison to the 8% visit in primary care. There was also a 3% increase among the specialist.