You might recall about the article we published a few days ago, thanks to an exclusive report from Axios, that the US’ Drug Enforcement Administration also known as the DEA which controls the way drugs are prescribed and sold in the market is planning to extend the telehealth guidelines that were in effect from the pandemic for the time being. This is because the White House asked DEA to enforce stricter guidelines on the telehealth prescriptions provided as there was a shortage of diabetes medicines such as Ozempic as well as Adderall shortage was also seen.

The DEA says that they need more time to draft the new guidelines for telehealth which would require the person to visit in-person at least once to a clinic in the three months so that the medicines that have been prescribed can be re-prescribed. Also, some drugs will be banned from getting prescribed via telehealth after the new guidelines come into effect. Obviously, the DEA is right to ask for more time and now they have been granted the permission as well. It is reported that the DEA has extended the current telehealth guidelines for a few months until November this year.

DEA says that they are reviewing the public comments that have been made on the new telehealth guidelines, and they need time to review them. They said, “We take those comments seriously and are considering them carefully,”. “We recognize the importance of telemedicine in providing Americans with access to needed medications, and we have decided to extend the current flexibilities for six months while we work to find a way forward to give Americans that access with appropriate safeguards.” In the press release, the DEA also said that “if a patient and a practitioner have established a telemedicine relationship on or before November 11, 2023, the same telemedicine flexibilities that governed the relationship to that point are permitted until November 11, 2024,”. Basically, it means that if you visit a telehealth facility on or before November 11, you will be able to follow the current telehealth rules until November 11, 2024 which does not require in-person visits and much more.