If you own a pet or are interested in owning one then we are sure that you must have heard of the famous e-commerce platform for pets that is Chewy. Basically, Chewy.com is an online store where you can get everything related to pets such as their food, their toys as well as where they can stay and other care-related products related to your pet. Now, we already know that it was the pioneer in this industry same as what Amazon is for the e-commerce industry in general. It is, therefore, understood that Chewy has attracted most of the petcare industry’s market share right now.

Another thing to note is that since Chewy has a lot of data related to people and their pets, it is common to see them getting into other industries and for that reason, Chewy delved into the pet healthcare industry with its telehealth platform known as Connect with a Vet with the idea being that you can cannot with a vetenarian doctor for your pet and get the help you need right from your home. However, it is to be noted that Chewy is facing regulatory hurdles while launching its platform and the launch has been delayed due to that reason.

According to the regulations right now, Chewy’s platform can’t be allowed to diagnose conditions and prescribe medications even if the vets are licensed as well as practicing from a long time. We believe that this will be the watershed moment for pet telehealth sector as the regulations will be changed and this can open a lot of opportunity for other players to enter the market. However, Chewy has started this and so it will have to fight a lot of regulatory hurdles and overcome to become the market leader.

Chewy CEO Sumit Singh said, “If you look at our Connect With a Vet, it’s the singular most scaled telehealth platform in the market today, only after two years, and yet, it doesn’t form a meaningful portion of our business. Why? Because when you research pet health, you’ll find that there’s a specific term called VCPR,”. VCPR is basically a regulation which states that animals have to be examined in-person and after a physical exam, they should be prescribed medicines.