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BlueJeans Telehealth of Verizon integrates with Apple Health

This update is allowing the users to share their data, such as sleep, heart rate, and it falls with their provider during the appointment of telemedicine.

BlueJeans telehealth, the Verizon virtual care product, recently came up with a new announcement. It is about interacting with the Apple Health app. It is now aiming to allow the patients to share their data with clinicians during their telemedicine visits.

This integration will allow the parties to share their data, such as sleep, heart rate, and falls, with their provider. These health app users can remain in control of the categories in Health app data they are choosing to share with their provider. They can share the data during each of their telehealth appointments. The data they are sharing has the proper encryption in transit and at rest.

This integration has the goal of giving the patients and the providers better data. It will help to improve the overall visit outcome. This update also includes a unique Televisit Tile. It supports information and documentation sharing. At the same time, it displays the information that it collects during the visit.

This new tile feature is ideal for group sessions. It includes a patient selector, which ensures user data security. Users can select the Apple Health App data from the pre-visit patient landing experience with the app. The provider can observe the trend lines, or they can share the screen during the appointment.

Apple Health has currently ramped up with its offerings. It is bolstering new regulations which enable information sharing. It has added many measurements for walking steadiness to the iOS. Its health record feature enables data sharing. It gives patients access to their electronic health records.

BlueJeans believes in the future of virtual healthcare. It depends on the connectivity and its ability to derive real-time insights. Also, it can deliver care with connected health. It will help in patient empowerment. Patients can share the level of contextual information directly in the BlueJeans Telehealth visit. They are enabling both the patients and the healthcare providers to have a very meaningful conversation.