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Bill seeking to make telehealth and telemedicine institutionalized in Sindh Province

Based on the draft measures, the law will need the medical practitioners to register with the government before they can start with the telehealth service offering.

A bill that is institutionalizing telehealth and telemedicine in the Sindh province of Pakistan has passed. He reaches the committee level.
As per the reports, the Sindh Telemedicine and Telehealth Bill of 2021 are seeking to improve and enhance its access to healthcare. It will continue to access through distant health platforms. It will further work on easing out the shortage of professionals in healthcare.
Upon passing, the law will require the practitioners to register with the government before they can offer the telehealth service. Another report notes that the practitioners will also take an online course on the implementation. The training of care providers can come up through an online technology platform as a part of their implementation of this telehealth platform.
The telehealth service can further extend to the community and the general public for the promotion of better health practices. It will further serve good information and the purpose of education.
The measure can also offer a clause which states that no data or info will get shared without any prior consent of the patients. Any kind of breach of this provision can lead to a penalty of $1300 or punishment for two years.
According to the Health Minister of Sindh, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, the province’s experience in offering telehealth was successful during the lockdowns.
With this legislation, the new opportunity will open up for both the health practitioners and patients. It will further help to reduce the burden on the hospitals. Also, the financial cost associates travel.
Moreover, doctors outside of the province can register as practitioners who can offer care to residents in Sindh. This bill will appear at the next season of the provincial assembly.
In Pakistan this year, he offered telehealth consultations. It has attracted many investors to scale the service. Ailaaj has raised $1.6 million for seed funding to improve the telehealth facilities.