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Biden administration makes investment worth $11M for pediatric telehealth

This funding is aiming to broaden access to behavioral healthcare, especially for children.

The US Department of Health and Human Service came up with the announcement on Friday for pediatric telehealth. The American Rescue Plan awarded a fund of $10.7 million. This fund will help to integrate telehealth services into pediatric care. This funding is aiming to expand behavioral healthcare access for kids.

This pandemic has created a lot of hampering in the process of caregiving. Thus this critical finding will not only help to improve the conditions of children but also secure the country’s future. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said they would continue with the investments, which will ensure the healthy growth of the youngest Americans.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 20% of children experience mental and health conditions every year. But only a fifth of these children receives any kind of care from a specialized provider. Youth with the symptoms of depression, hyperactive disorder, and anxiety needs proper addressing. 

With a focus towards addressing such gaps, this money will go to broaden the reach for the Pediatric -Mental Healthcare Access Program. With its launch in 2018, this program supports the networks for teams that provide teleconsultation, technical assistance, training, etc. It also helps the providers to easily diagnose and treat youth mental health conditions.

This expansion will broaden the reach of this program to 40 states and in the U.S Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and Palau. It also offers support to two of the tribal areas of the Chickasaw Nation, Chippewa Indians and the Red Lake Band. Experts have pointed out that this virtual care is a way of addressing behavioral health’s supply and demand issues. It will also benefit the pediatric sector of the country properly.