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ATA to assess the role of telemedicine in USA

An advisory group has released a framework for nine elements that can get used to working towards equity.

The American Telemedicine Association this week has announced that it was launching its new initiative. The initiative aims to evaluate the potential of telemedicine as a tool to address the health disparity and to improve it in the USA.

The CEO’s Advisory group on Using telehealth to Eliminate Disparities and Inequity includes more than 30 executives from the provider, tech organizations, and payers. It was issued for a framework that will serve as the foundation for strategic analysis. Also, it will help in the recommendation for future policies.

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the evidence that telehealth can play a central role in the strategy for addressing the health disparity in the USA. The new CEO’s Advisory Group is also bringing together the leaders in health policy with service delivery.

Kristi Henderson, the CEO of Med Express at Optum, and Yasmine Winkler of GEHA Health are chairing the group. Its members include the representatives from Intermountain Healthcare, Fenway Health Kaiser Performance. Microsoft Health, UnitedHealth, Facebook, etc.

In the report, the group has noted that health disparities are systemic issues. The framework it is coming up with shows a pyramid style. It is working up with the foundational element. It is also coming up with the elements like- History, culture, trust and structural anti-racism, structural competence, inclusiveness, affordability, literacy, and connectivity.

The Advisory group is calling its members, policymakers, and influencers to further examine how the practices of the concepts are getting the depiction in the framework. Other Groups say that it will enhance the framework and will develop the key deliverables to help the users for better access to telehealth.

Stakeholders, policymakers, and advocates are emphasizing the importance of telehealth to narrow the disparities. It is not only a matter of broadband, even though it is one of the crucial elements.