You must have seen the famous tennis star from the UK named Andy Roddick who graced the tennis courts many a times at the Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open and even the US Open. He has won many Grand Slam titles as well but did you ever think that he will enter the healthcare space. If you didn’t then think again because during the pandemic, Andy Roddick did just that. He entered the healthcare space with his startup named as ViewFi which provides telehealth services to the people in the US. ViewFi is a telehealth company that “uses artificial intelligence-enabled motion-detecting technology to better track body movement, to help doctors make more accurate diagnoses”.

Andy Roddick explains the reason behind starting ViewFi as he states that even as a player, he had to travel a long distance just to be diagnosed with “relatively minor ailments” and adds that this is for someone “who had access to the best care and still kind of had some speed bumps”. So Andy tells that he can imagine the situation for people who don’t have access to such facilities on how they will have to suffer. Since then, Andy’s telehealth company ViewFi has had a lot of success as his timing was also right.

It is worth noting that ViewFi recently struck a deal with Transcarent, digital health firm valued at more than $1.6 billion, to bring the technology to its customers. He mentions that the patchwork system of state licensure makes it difficult for providers but he says that “We can be proactive about actually trying to figure out solutions. If we can create a cheaper access point that’s more convenient … we should try to do that without waiting around for permission.” Transcarent’s CEO also hopes that “Congress will make permanent a law that currently allows high-deductible health plans to cover virtual care before patients reach their deductibles.” Transcarent’s CEO says that UPS would be the best client for them as he adds that “They have 80,000 people. They’re using their bodies every day … They’re professional athletes — they’re just doing something different … It’s really important for them to get the best advice quickly.”