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The CEO of KeyCare gave an extensive interview. It is a telehealth services firm. The interview focussed on many aspects of virtual care services as well.

The pandemic has changed the game of telehealth services. Dr. Lyle Berkowitz is the CEO of KeyCare and a primary care physician. The CEO also gave an interview to give us a look into this new scenario. KeyCare is a virtual-first care platform. Epic EHR and more technologies came together to make this system.

The first question was about KeyCare itself. KeyCare is a concise approach to helping health systems expand. However, it helps them to integrate and develop more sophisticated virtual care services. The CEO also said that they didn’t develop their platform. Instead, they borrowed a platform and changed it for the better.

The second question was about their connection with Epic. Epic is an EHR giant, having handled numerous projects. The CEO also said that they are a firm part of the Epic community. It means that they can access can license the EHR software they use. The system can help improve the extent of virtual care services.

The CEO and its firm closed a big series A funding round. They were able to close it at $24 million. 8VC and LRVHealth backed this funding round. Bold Capital and Spectrum Health Ventures also backed the funding. The question was how will the firm use the money. However, the CEO said that money would go to Epic and the team.

The platform came to life in July. BHSH System’s Spectrum Health West Michigan Division was their first customer. The question was, how did it go? It was fantastic, as per the CEO. The spectrum covered more than half of the US patients traveling. It was also able to give 24/7 coverage.

The last question was about the future of the firm and telehealth services. The CEO said that they plan to expand it exponentially. They also want to make telehealth services the next big thing.