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Amazon working on telehealth and in-person care of at least 20 cities

Amazon will soon offer the full package containing hybrid virtual and in-person care in 20 cities to expand its services in 2022.

Amazon is reportedly looking to launch its app-based home visits in at least 20 major cities of the U.S by 2022. Also, Amazon Care will offer a full package of both telehealth and in-person services in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Boston in 2021, with 16 more cities in the next year.

Representatives of Amazon said that the company does not make any comment on rumors or any kind of speculation.

Amazon Care has been marking its rapid growth since its inception. It had offered exclusive care to Seattle-based employees in 2019. Amazon announced that it would let its employees access app-based care throughout Washington state. It had made its services available to its other employers in the state before making its official expansion of telehealth. In the summer, it expanded its services to employers of 50 states.

But the in-person service that they offer has its limitation to the users of D.C and Baltimore, and Washington State. Now Amazon plans to offer its in-person care option in cities like Detroit, Alaska, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Phoenix, etc.

It will bring the service to a total of 22 cities along with the entirety of Washington state. Amazon had been making attempts to make inroads at health plans. It would open up services to insured people apart from employer clients.

In June, An Amazon executive said that it had signed many companies to offer telehealth services. VP Babak Parviz said that the company was planning to make virtual and in-person care available in additional regions faster.

Amazon also opted to make up a wave in July with the news of its author Covid testing kit, which costs $39.9. Such expansion of amazon care will allow this giant company to reach out to more people. At the same time, it will make care much easier for employees and insured people to access.