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Telehealth with effective patient experience is also helping health care reduce expenses. Scottsdale Physician group declares shocking numbers.

The expense got reduced by 22% for telehealth accompanied by a technician for the physician group of Scottsdale. The physician group of Scottsdale felt the absence of a need. This was in 2018, and the need was not met. Many patients did not get medical care. This was because of several reasons.

These patients lacked support systems. They had no access to proper transportation. This made it difficult to access medical appointments. They even had no proper access to infirmities. They also had higher risks of falls and other issues. So the patients got access to care but in a higher-priced environment.

Also, they used to get discharged to poor rehabilitation services. Hence, when the conditions got poor, they used to call 911. This tends to increase their medical costs. As a result, they used to get disturbed emotionally.

Blue Beckham is the chief strategy officer at Scottsdale Physician Group. He also stated, “Daily consults with the hospitalist and appropriate specialists, try to improve clinical status. For example, the patient may be eligible to be discharged home, but the hospitalist is concerned there is no support structure, so the patient is discharged to a skilled nursing facility, more rounding by a SNFist, and finally discharged home with home health and instructions to follow up with the PCP that the patient couldn’t get to in the first place, and then the cycle repeats.”

Beckham said that utilizing telehealth, in-home EMTs, and vendor technology was a good step. This helped to analyze efficiently and concentrate physicians.

He continued that his technicians utilize the AGNES Connect platform in combination with medical devices. Patients just need to stay at home. His technicians do all the rest work.

The results showed excellent records. The medical expense got reduced by 22% for a huge population with telehealth. The improvement in a patient’s condition is as important as cost-saving. Beckham said that their prime objective was to provide Triple Aim to the underserved.

The Scottsdale Physicians aimed to provide excellence in clinical care. It also aimed to improve efficiency in physicians and provide healthcare options to vulnerable populations.