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Allegheny General Hospital makes savings of $1.2 million with its IV robotics

This pharmacy of this organization is offering an in-depth look at the technology, which has become the crucial one for this hospital.

For a long time, the hospital pharmacies have been relying upon the 503B Compounding facilities to outsource or purchase various supplies. It includes the ready-to-use critical care drips and the high use of the medications. However, its robotics is making the process simple.

The main problem they face is the unreliability in the supply of the medications. The shortage has also made it challenging to maintain the demand for the requirement of the pope’s patient care. The hospital met situations like the reduction or stopping of the allocation of the medications without any advance notice. It has caused mitigation or shortage in care.

Besides the issues of the shortages, there used to be another added burden of the huge cost to procure the medications.

Allegheny General followed the idea and the solutions to find a way for the in-sourcing of the purchased medications. It has also used IV robotics with the IRIS program. The Vendor Omnicell has offered this service which helped in leveraging the way of the orb optics.

Omnicell services offered a technician team that helped in running the robot. With a team of experts on the device and its operations, the system is fully printing for the compounding of medications.

Both the IV bag and the OR syringes can be compounded with the help of the robot.  At the same time, it offers complete control over the inventory. It also allows them to adjust the need based on the usage. Hence it reduces the waste and mitigates the shortage efficiently.

The Allegheny General worked along with Omnicell to implement this robotics program. Omnicell has helped the hospital draft an ROI. The hospital validated the suit and presented it to its leadership.

The vendor has also helped in identifying the medications that begin to compound with the robot. During the time, hospital staff worked with the team closely to implement this system which has become leveraging for everyone. 

From May 2020 to April 2021, Allegheny General has produced 46909 products on the IV Robot. It has generated a total of $1.2 million in savings.