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A multispeciality Aster hospital opens a new line of AI labs. It will focus its research on the field of neurobiology.

CMI Hospital sets up its AI lab in Bangalore. It is with the collaboration with Public University Indian Institute of Science. The multispeciality hospital will focus on developing AI tech. The research facility is for AI tech for neurology.

India has increased its investment in AI labs for a variety of industries, including healthcare. As per a Royal Philips survey, most healthcare leaders in the country are also eager to invest in AI technology. They have the same goal of optimizing operations. It is to integrate with diagnostics. And they were also predicting patient outcomes.

The adoption will ease data management challenges. There was a lack of system interoperability.

Dr. Lokesh B is Aster CMI consultant neurologist. He explains that after the inauguration of the AI lab, Aster CMI and IISc will focus on exchanging staff. They will also be hosting collaborative seminars. It is to strengthen cooperation in improving AI for doctors and patients.

Aside from India, other Asian health systems are also in a way to establishing AI labs. There is also a massive amount of health data that can improve patient outcomes.

The Cardiovascular Systems Imaging and Artificial Intelligence research laboratory at the National Heart Centre Singapore also makes a list. It is for the accuracy of predicting and diagnosing cardiovascular illnesses.

The Hong Kong government, through InnoHK, has funded the establishment of a health AI. They also focus on robotics data research laboratories. It is a part of the Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health. There is also a collaborative research effort between the University of Hong Kong and partner universities. They are in contact with London and Sydney.

The Aster AI lab will be developing an AI healthcare solution. They also will train healthcare professionals in AI. IISc’s AI development skills and Aster CMI’s clinical knowledge will be together combined. It is to “assist, translatconfirmalidate the generated AI algorithms. The opening of AI labs also plays a great deal in the development of healthcare in the country.