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A health center aims to provide remote patient monitoring to the rural population. Rural people get isolated from the world. This service helps to reduce this gap.

Community Health Centre in Kansas is a certified health center. Southeast Kansas is the location of this health center. It is under federal rules and regulations. It is a non-profit corporation. The health center also aims to increase remote patient monitoring in remote locations.

The health center provides all types of medical facilities. Some of them include dental, behavioral health, and addiction treatment. The center also provides these services to 65,000 patients and gets 220,000 visits per year. The treatments are accessible to everyone from any background.

Southeast Kansas has one of the worst outcomes in healthcare. The patients don’t have the means to make visits to the hospital. The center, as a result, developed many telehealth solutions. The center also developed its remote patient monitoring structure. They also bought devices and equipment necessary for this job.

The RPM sector is booming right now. There are many healthcare devices available for this job. One of the challenges was the internet. They also bought devices that solved this problem through 4G. However, these devices send the data by connecting to a 4G network.

The center is developing its remote patient monitoring capabilities. The center brought together 3000 patients. The CareSimple software attends to almost 100 patients. The technology is also helping the medical field bring together people from rural communities. Many anecdotes also verify this.

The center got a grant of $366,167 from the FCC telehealth grant program. The main goal of the grant was to provide internet to all households. The period is 1 year. They also aim to give a tablet to these households. This grant complements a previous grant.

The community health center aims to bridge this gap. Rural households tend to be socially isolated. As a result, they don’t get the services they need. The center also wants rural people to have access to remote patient monitoring.