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Since using Paessler’s network monitoring software, it has experienced a 75% decrease in IT monitoring.

To proactively monitor its IT monitoring across the country, the non-profit provider of elderly care services, HammondCare, has hired the German company Paessler. In more than 92 service locations across Australia, HammondCare provides aged care, dementia care, and palliative care. It provides almost 34,000 patients with the help of more than 5,100 committed staff members and volunteers.

HammondCare’s main goal in installing the Paessler PRTG monitoring platform was to give the team proactive insights and alerts. So that they can minimize the frequent events that were occurring earlier. The number of calls to the IT monitoring team to address problems.

It can result in potential IT disruptions, has decreased by 75% since the PRTG software deployment. In accordance with a press release, this system may send alerts to a Microsoft Teams group. It relays emails to the necessary technicians and pushes notifications about abnormalities via the PRTG mobile app. According to Haputhanthri, “Paessler PRTG has enabled speedier resolution of IT issues.

It allows him and his team to be more proactive and effective. He has finally achieved his primary purpose of avoiding downtime. As part of the PRTG system, HammondCare is already using more than 2,500 network sensors. It has plans to add more in the future. Also, it is currently integrating monitoring for crucial medical devices like nurse call buttons. It plans to digitize all of its assets that the PRTG can keep track of.

The aged care industry was “deeply analogue” and “far behind” other sectors in usage. To achieve this, the federal government declared in October. It will invest A$312.6 million (about $200 million) over four years to enhance the ICT systems in the industry. For clients receiving home care packages from HammondCare who reside in rural and regional New South Wales recently tested out telehealth.