Health and Wellness Informatics News

Animated RPM will offer affordable health wellness and monitoring support at home.

The virtual assistant will help the providers in increasing treatment adherence rates. It enhances health outcomes for chronically ill and aged patients.

Electronic Caregiver has introduced a virtual caregiver. It connects with patients through the touch and voice of a patient. It also makes use of a Lenovo Yoga convertible tablet or Lenovo IdeaCentre All-in-One computer. This can be very much beneficial for the senior and aging people sitting in place.

A 3D virtual care assistant can provide on-demand healthcare services. However, it is beneficial for people having complicated medication regimes or regular monitoring programs. The latest animated RPM assistant can fulfill this objective. The name of the assistant is Addison.

Addison offers users an ever-changing, dynamic, personalized, and stimulating experience. It can connect, inquire, demonstrate, and educate. Addison is customizable. You can personalize it by gender, ethnicity, language, tone, location, décor, clothing, and more. The users can interact with musical instruments, animals, objects, and media in the care system.

Addison is not a human, but it is fun to watch the animated RPM assistant. As per the clients, Addison is like a person staying in the house and giving them company.

The HIPAA-compliant system can help patients in avoiding the rising costs of in-home care. Also, the cost of assisted living is increasing. The virtual caregiver can provide better care coordination and oversight.

Addison can remind the users to take medicines on time. It can conduct interactive health assessments. Also, it can offer dosing-compliance verification to the care providers and caregivers. It can monitor particular conditions. Also, it helps to manage behavioral health conditions. Also, it can connect to emergency response services, friends, family, and caregivers.

Addison can also connect with different Bluetooth devices, like a glucometer. Mental and physical health routines and video telemedicine potentials are in development. This tech will also evolve more and will offer 3rs-party service integrations. It will support requirements such as ride-sharing, grocery delivery, and more.