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Avera comes up with a creative technique to treat patients. The investment in remote patient monitoring yielded a great result.

Avera records the highest satisfaction with remote patient monitoring. Covid challenged healthcare at all levels. The hospital utilized new technology to help patients with great and rapid care.

Remote monitoring worked immensely well with the patients. The hospital system will also continue the home program.

Dr. Andy Burchett is Avera’s chief medical information officer and head of family medicine. He was the key driving force behind the remote monitoring program. There was also a redefinition of health care at every stage.

He calls the technologies similar to all the details. It was already a need long back. And, covid helped in the reinvention of the technology. It also facilitated better monitoring of the patient. The usual hourly treatment patients were also reduced. It safeguarded physicians from burnout. However, they could easily see the patients in their own homes.

With recommended social alienation, the isolated patients recorded great recovery rates.

Burchett stated in his lecture “Remote Patient Monitoring: Reaching Out and Breaking Through”. Also, it was at the HIMSS22 conference in Orlando last week. This was after changing the payment model.

Avera required a system in place to monitor the data. It was on the clinical watch for the longest time. Healthcare requires human capital and structure to build such an infrastructure. There was also a need for operational support. The project on the outskirts also became the most important item on the agenda.

Patients were also provided with a thermometer and a pulse oximeter. It is for this hospital-at-home program. They were also digitally connected to Avera’s data monitoring center. Avera was the data center for the same. And patients were on-time diagnosed. This not only saved patients and staff time, but it also saved money.

Covid made it realize the importance of telehealth. It is not just primary care. This will also assist one in avoiding unnecessary care delays. There can always be the rise of the deadly disease.