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Atrium Health came up with a virtual weight management app. It increased patient management, bringing relief to the staff.

The new weight management app at Atrium Health is facilitating remote patient monitoring. As a result, the team was able to increase the engagement ratio. The organization gives records of behavioral intervention. It portrays that staff and patient interactions.

The app used earlier had many UI and engagement problems. For example, it used to function on what people are eating every day and also keep track of the same. But unfortunately, the patients were not able to enter “what they ate in a day”. And this was one of the main reasons they were not able to see any results.

Healthcare felt the need for a new, more advanced app. The app can increase the engagement factor. The main reason was to provide an app for patients to build up experiences.

The main purpose of the same was to improve the quality of care via remote patient monitoring. The healthcare staff aims to create opportunities for the patients and become a better version of themselves. The focus was on seeing the patient outside the office.

Dr. Jamy Ard stated, “We were looking for an app that was useful, easy to navigate, and that captured the data we were looking for through connected devices, such as weight scales, nutrition tracking, surveys, and journaling…

The No. 1 reason people join our weight management program is for accountability. So if we have a tool people will not use, it’s hard for us to provide that accountability.”

Finally, they were able to develop an app that features an interactive platform. The patients were now able to enter their weight into the management program. A remote patient monitoring interface was the only solution for increasing the engagement. Carium helped healthcare to develop the app.

With the app, the patient’s overall experience increases. Their ability to focus on weight, nutrition, and fitness as a whole was also enhanced. The app changed the way how a patient normally used to enroll in the healthcare program.