With more and more medical professionals coming to the forefront of a holistic care system, it’s difficult to locate the right administrative and management software that uplifts the diverse needs of your clinic. 

Clinic management software is expected to be simple, highly customizable, and lightweight. They are such that multiple employees can access and modify professional schedules on the app so that the clinic runs in sync.

Power Diary is one such innovative medical management application that has caused quite a stir in the industry. Its unique set of features and subscription plans have made it quite a complicated choice! Here is a detailed review of Power Diary.

All You Should Know About Power Diary 

What is Power Diary? Power Diary was founded in 2007 by founder and CEO, Paul Sharp. Originally developed in Australia, it has since grown into a leading practice management software used by healthcare professionals worldwide. By 2022, it served over 27,000 practitioners across 23 countries, offering comprehensive tools for appointment scheduling, billing, and telehealth services, revolutionizing clinic management.

Features of Power Diary

Power Diary Features
Power Diary Features

Book Appointments on Calendar

The scheduling calendar on this software is very intuitive. We can fill out details about every appointment and patient in the description box and fill up our time slots with customized colors and fonts. Once we add a patient to the calendar, they will be automatically contacted by the software. The calendar offers daily, monthly, and yearly views.

When using Power Diary one needs to keep a constant eye on the Power Diary client portal and messaging portal to see whether they have made any direct reply to the automatic reminders that are sent to them.

Additionally, all the medical formality documents that need to be filled out before, during, and after an online appointment can be handled in one place thanks to the Power Diary software. Without even having to access the software, patients can fill out the digital forms complete with their signature, and hand them over to you within a few minutes.

Communicate with Clients

Surprisingly, the Power Diary support allows direct communication with the clients in such a way that it naturally boosts customer satisfaction and engagement. One of the main features offered on Power Diary software for this is the ‘2-way SMS solution’ that in our experience, always works flawlessly.

Indeed, a basic-level Power Diary client portal is also set in a place where you can constantly submit new information as per the disease prognosis. 

This information is integrated with the existing patient history to give you a complete view of the changes that took place over time.

Billing and Payment

Power Diary can automatically generate invoices based on appointments and services rendered. 

Payment processing can be set up to receive payments online via credit cards and digital wallets. This streamlines the billing process and enhances convenience for both practitioners and clients.

However, it is also true that the billing database on Power Diary has been created with a focus on patients; sending invoices to third-party institutions like pharmacists can be very difficult through Power Diary, mostly causing doctors to resort to another app for this very task.

Telehealth Appointments

Power Diary facilitates Telehealth Appointments by integrating video conferencing tools. These are very useful when you need to do regular follow-ups and coming to your office is too much for the patient. At the same time, this also makes you accessible in times of need even outside the clinic hours.

To conduct a virtual session:

  1.  Schedule a Telehealth appointment in Power Diary.
  2.  Send the appointment details to the client, including the meeting link.
  3.  At the scheduled time, both practitioner and client log into Power Diary.
  4.  Access the appointment and click on the meeting link to start the video session.
  5. Conduct the session securely within the app, ensuring privacy and convenience.

Unfortunately, Power Diary has a separate pricing system in place for every client who decides to connect with you on a virtual session. This can have a negative impact on the image of your consultancy and you might even lose clients after one or two digital follow-ups. 

What’s Best About Power Diary?

Use Cases of Power Diary 2024
Use Cases of Power Diary 2024

User Interface

The overall interface of the app is quite efficient and rewarding; however, many users have noticed that it does take some time to master all the features.

Certain functions like booking and billing are pretty straightforward forward while others that involve more complicated administrative tasks can become difficult to customize for a beginner.

At the same time, the user interface is minimalist and supports as much customizability as you may need. From the beginning to the end, it is designed to secure patient data, is compliant with the HIPAA standards, and is certified with ISO 270001.

Customer Care

Power Diary is renowned for its exceptional customer service. Their support team is highly responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to resolving any issues promptly. They offer comprehensive assistance via phone, email, or live chat, ensuring clients receive personalized and effective support for optimizing their experience with the platform.

The live chat and phone are instantly resolved; on top of that, the staff takes it upon themselves to reply to every customer service email within 24 hours!

One of the constant compliments that Power Diary Support receives is about their customer care. They offer 24/7 customer support that actually works! The people are responsive and take active steps to relieve your situation. 

Users can set up customized communication templates beforehand to remove any ambiguity or biases in the way they approach their clients.


Power Diary is designed for compatibility across various platforms and devices. It can be accessed through web browsers on desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices using iOS and Android apps. 

The number of people who can access the Power Diary app simultaneously depends on the subscription plan and settings chosen by the clinic. Once again, you can customize this according to your requirements! Partial access to data can also be provided.

Similarly, the compatibility of this tool extends to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Tyro, Stripe, Zero, etc all of which seamlessly integrate with the database of Power Diary.


Power Diary is one of the most affordable solutions in the industry today. 

They also offer a 14-day free trial and 50% off for the first 6 months! 

There is a solo practice plan and a group practice plan.

  • Starter Plan (solo): 9.5 USD a month
  • Power Plan (solo): 24.5 USD a month
  • Power Plan (group): 34.5 USD a month

Depending on the facilities there are several different subscription groups your clinic might fall under:

  • Just Me: 1 practitioner, 5 USD a week
  • Light: 2 to 3 practitioners, 8 USD a week 
  • Growth: 4 to 9 practitioners, 13 USD a week 
  • Medium: up to 20 practitioners, 21 USD a week 
  • Plus: Manually enter up to 100 practitioners, starting at 30 USD a week

If a medical institution with more than a hundred practitioners tries to get Power Diary, the creators urge them to contact the company directly for customized payment solutions for their large-scale needs.

Additionally, Power Diary promises a 12-month money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the functions or have received any significant setback through its use.

Pros and Cons 


  • Great customer service; comes with a fully functional ‘’Help’ button
  • The app is constantly expanding, refining, and upgrading its set of features
  • Comes with an online introductory webinar to helpline get an easy knack of the app 
  • Very easy to train your staff with and will barely take any time
  • Direct transfer of data from client intake forms to the long-standing client record
  • Easy click on the ‘New Client’ feature to generate a brand new Power Diary client portal profile


  • No mobile app is available which sets back the efficiency of this platform a little
  • Limited features on scheduling in charting that help professionals use
  • Does not provide comprehensive reports on the growth of our clinic; manual reports need to be generated
  • Does not include any software for ergonomics
  • Frequent lagging even in the presence of a good internet connection

Final Verdict

Due to its simple but efficient facilities, the app is mostly used by solo professionals and small establishments with simple division of work. Power Diary is not the best app if you have a lot of different, versatile job roles in the clinic; because of this, niche clinics like IV treatment, physical therapy, ABA centers, pediatrics, speech therapy, naturopathy, and counseling are the top service sectors where Power Diary is the main player. Needless to say, this can be a successful investment for your institution especially if efficiency, affordability, and speed are your main concerns.