Health and Wellness Informatics News

SA Health and public and private organizations are working on its new patient-generated data project.

The aim is to collect and analyze patient data to provide improved health results. It also aims to register a million patients by 2025.

SA Health is working with the commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health on its new project. They are working on collecting and analyzing patient reports from all across South Australia. However, the goal is to make an integrated system that provides officials with necessary clinical data. It will also improve patient awareness and reduce health risks.

The Patient Reported Measures (PRM) involvement in the program will help to provide support for clinical services. The program will also provide patient-centered, value-driven results by analyzing the feedback from patients.

SA Health is collaborating with CIEH, a digital health company, via open tender to help in the project. The company will provide technical support and ensure smooth implementation services. Furthermore, they will use the latter’s ZEDOC platform and integrate it with SA Health’s IT systems. It will also automate the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing patient-generated data.

According to my Clinician, this project will equip the patient and caretaking facilities with the necessary information. It will also help in making a conscious decision quickly and efficiently. Patents will have the facility to answer questions from anywhere in real-time. It will provide them with analyzed data reports of their health condition.

The ZEDOC platform will implement the program in many stages. The first stage will be a test phase operational only in a few SA Health centers in the middle of 2023. Followed by other stages over the course of two to three years.

The project aims to enroll over a million patient-generated data and 5000 clinical staff data by mid-2025. The Clinician’s PRM technology is a useful asset with proven results in the past. It will also help healthcare staff to provide appropriate care and devise new ways to treat certain illnesses.