You must have seen that we have posted a lot recently about the rise of telehealth and the various startups that are providing different types of services in the virtual healthcare industry such as pregnancy care, drug abuse care as well as other options. We also mentioned about a startup that is making remote X-Ray machines in order to take scans right at home or a clinic and get the results on your smartphone. Now, we have a different type of startup that does things differently and this digital health startup is named as For those of you who are from Israel or the UK, you must have heard about But it is worth noting that has shifted its focus from Israel and the UK and is now focusing on the US markets.

Basically, what does is that it takes kidney tests of the patients via their urine samples but the interesting part is that these samples don’t need to be sent to labs or anywhere else but the patients just have to take a photo of their urine samples and the app will determine if the patient has a kidney problem or not. To describe this even further, mobilhealthnews reports that “’s Minuteful Kidney test, which received FDA 510(k) clearance for home use last summer, can determine the increased presence of a protein called albumin in the urine, which can be an early sign of chronic kidney disease. Patients dip a test strip in a cup of their urine and take a photo of the strip alongside a color board using an app to determine their albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR)”.’s CEO and founder Yonatan Adiri said in a statement, “By reducing barriers to essential diagnostic tests, Minuteful Kidney can reduce healthcare costs, create clinical value for providers and help prevent patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds avoid costly and disruptive kidney disease treatments,”. “In the process, we can make healthcare more accessible and equitable, while providing a game changing solution to one the biggest cost-drivers in healthcare.” As per reports, is also laying off 70 employees who were part of its workforce in the Israel and UK to shift its operations to the US.