Successful practice management is integral to retaining medical clients – and these days, the most helpful tool to do that is clinic management software. 

However, with the availability of many clinic practice management software, it can be a tough job to choose the one that best suits your needs. From the analysis and security of patient data to the smooth generation of invoices, there is a lot that medical software must handle. 

If you are looking for a good management software, then Jane is the one you should try. With all the features it offers, it’s probably one of the best apps to have as a doctor. This review will guide you through all the features, pros and cons, etc., to help you make a clear cut decision whether you should use Jane or not. 

About Jane App

The Jane App is a widespread practice management software designed for health and wellness practitioners, enabling efficient scheduling, billing, and patient management. 

Since its inception in 2014, the Jane App has rapidly developed, expanding its services to cater to various healthcare specialties. 

Originally conceived to streamline clinic operations, Jane has continuously adapted to user feedback, as well as launched regional changes to meet the different legal requirements of every state.  Its growth reflects a commitment to innovation in healthcare technology.

Launched in 2014, it was founded by Alison Taylor and Trevor Johnston. Alison Taylor serves as the CEO of Jane. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Jane has become a go-to platform for clinics and healthcare providers worldwide.

Top Features of The Jane App

Jane App - Practice Management Software for Health & Wellness Practitioners  - Jane App

The Jane software has made space for almost every medical and administrative tasks that make it possible for a medical institution to run. Here is what it provides:

Scheduling Appointments 

The Jane Schedule is one of the central features used by doctors on the app. This is a calendar into which you can enter all appointments, managerial tasks, and routine administrative checkups. This schedule is distributed to all employees for a smooth and seamless environment. 

To enter a task on the calendar, you only need to click on the empty time slot and add your text in the ‘New Appointment’ tunnel on the right side. You can maintain multiple schedules on the same app for clinics with various doctors. The best part is that you can also create a weight list of patients for whom you don’t have space immediately.

Booking Reminders 

The reminder and appointment alert system of this app is beneficial. It sends a daily email reminder 48 hours before a scheduled appointment block. The second email is sent 12 hours before, and the third is sent 3 hours before the appointment! However, the downside is that you can only add one email address to one patient profile. The app will also send emails about changes in schedule if you enable this function.

Telehealth Sessions

Did you know this medical software also allows doctors to conduct virtual appointments on the same interface? You can increase the accessibility of your clinic by getting on video calls with your patients. This also makes it easier for them to contact you in times of crisis. If you want routine follow-ups on patient health and lifestyle, a video call in their home environment can be more sustainable than a doctor’s visit!

To make this possible, book your patient appointment and select the button ‘Begin.’ The customized Jane webinar room will open up on the screen. It comes with screen sharing, text chat, video, audio, and raising hands options. There is also a group online session plan, allowing 12 participants at a time!

Billing and Prescription Tracking

Not only can you send patient bills over the Internet, but thanks to Jane, you can also write digital prescriptions and hand them directly to your regular pharmacist for review and medicine distribution. 

The app automatically records the bills and prescriptions sent from your office for everyone in the department to see (depending on the privacy setting you have chosen!).

These billing and prescription records can be directly connected with the chosen insurance provider. Insurance billing itself is also handled under this feature. This way, you can reach out and make insurance claims almost instantly! 

Patient Medical Records

The Jane software has included a ‘Charting’ feature on their app, using which doctors can seamlessly fill out patient information and integrate it with existing medical history. The data that can be recorded includes patient visits, assessment and results, diagnoses, treatment plans, treatment progress, etc. 

The medical records for every patient are highly customizable, and you can add additional blocks for more data. Further, it is not only possible to review data quickly but also generate automatic reports on the current overall situation of the patient. You can highlight medical records and create simplified, easy-to-understand charts for data presentation. 

The Jane AI assistant goes one step further with the ‘’Reports and Analytics’ function to bring all this data together and generate overall information about the average demographic of your patients.

What’s Best About Jane App?

Scheduling: Complete Schedule Overview - Jane App

It is time to review the primary considerations that can make medical software a top choice or a hard pass among experienced professionals.


The Jane app medical likely has a clean and intuitive user interface. It features easy navigation, straightforward typography, and a calming color scheme. 

The app design is fashioned so that one glance can tell you everything you want to know.

When using Jane, expect user-friendly elements, one-tap access to medical information, and a straightforward layout tailored to healthcare needs.


The Jane clinic management login uses two-factor authentication to protect and secure patient data. Only employees with a company ID can access or view clinic appointments, bills, or product performances.

Jane, as a medical software company, has a dedicated team of computer scientists who constantly work to keep clinic information. All the data is encrypted, and Jane will neither access this information nor make this information available to third-party websites. 


Jane is available on all standard operating systems, including iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Because it uses a cloud storage system, all devices belonging to one clinic network can easily access the same data simultaneously. 

This also points out that Jane is a pretty powerful app, and not only can it work under stress, but it also does not require too much disk space or data consumption.


Jane offers 3 readymade plans for practitioners: 

  • Balance Plan: 54 CAD a month
  • Practice Plan: 79 CAD a month (allows you to add half license at $17.50 and full license at $35)
  • Thrive Plan: 99 CAD a month (will enable you to add half permit at $20 and full license at $40)

The Practice and Thrive plans offer advanced scheduling, marketing, engagement, and staff profile tools. In the Practice plan, you get unlimited SMS reminders every month! 

If these plans do not suit your requirements, you can ask the service provider team to create a new and customized plan just for you!

Jane Clinic Management Software: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly, addictive interface.
  • Provides basic to advanced customizability solutions on almost every feature.
  • Sends exclusive appointment emails 48 hours, 12 hours, and 3 hours before a consultation.
  • A very functional appointment schedule with a working group appointment function. It makes it very easy to add and edit patient appointments.
  • Every folder and feature on the app comes with customizable tags that increase the comprehensiveness of data.
  • Adjustments to accounting methods can be made according to the practitioner’s requirements.
  • Reports about patient retention, demographic background, referral, and product performance can be instantly generated using the Jane AI assistant.


  • Limited options to generate reports on professional performance and clinic profitability or financial growth.
  • There is no option to schedule direct communication with the patients. There is an SMS option, but that has a character limit of 150 characters. 
  • There is no monthly view on the scheduled calendar, which makes it very difficult to block out holidays and paid leave. 
  • Does not include high-quality statistical analysis as a part of its intelligent AI Report. This means you might have to take data from this report and do further analysis!
  • Most features on the app lack a ‘Search’ button, which makes it challenging to navigate the extensive database.
  • Group webinar sessions are only available at an additional 15 CAD per month pricing.

Final Verdict

There is no denying that Jane is one of the most potent and popular applications available for professional medical chambers today. Jane offers comprehensive practice management tools tailored for individual clinics, allowing specialization in dentistry, gynecology, and psychiatry. 

The Jane Booking System and related features are mostly suited for small practices and individual clinics rather than hospitals or nursing homes.

The software is a leading provider of streamlined charting, billing, and telehealth assistance online. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features enhance workflow efficiency. Integration with billing and EMR systems further enhances usability. Jane is indeed an effective solution for healthcare providers seeking administrative support.