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The National Coordinator for Health IT collaborates with the healthcare standard development organization to launch the Project US @ Technical Specification version 1.0.

Project USA developed in collaboration with healthcare organizations with a cross-standard approach. Health care organizations all across the state can implement it. It holds the vision to offer a technical specification to help patients.

It will work on mailing, physical, billing, and other addresses to enhance patient matching. Also, it will help in the standardization of patients’ addresses as accurate identification. It can function nationwide.

Deputy National Coordinator, Health IT, Steve Posnack and ONC IT Specialist Carmen Smiley states in support of technical specification, “Among the many data elements that used in patient matching, research has shown patient address to be one of the most sensitive to standardization and therefore impactful on patient matching, especially at scale.”

They also added that ONC started this project last year in January. Also, it was to build expertise in health information management. The project received positive feedback.

It got engagement from more than 150 project participants, 18 standard development organizations, 17 health IT developers, 8 Payers, 10 health care providers, and eleven federal agencies, state agencies, research, advocacy, and public health organizations.

The agency is currently recommending a public health organization state-wise to implement the final specification. HIMSS and Healthcare IT News are now calling out for widespread application of the Project US@. The Patient ID will also enhance the operability by safeguarding their identification.

The inception of the project was in December 2020. The technical specification draft was also up for comment in June 2021. Representatives from the CDC, electronic health record vendors, the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, HL7, and others drafted the project.

Patient ID Coalition represents standardized patient addresses to enhance the consistency of addresses. AHIMA is its founding member. It came out with its own version called “patient-naming policy”. It also developed a policy statement on patient identification.

However, this technical specification is pushing health care institutions to adopt, test, apply to improve patient matching.