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Australia will begin to issue e-prescriptions for the first time. Patients will receive it via SMS or email. It will make the system efficient.

Australia is going to witness a major revamp of its healthcare system. All public hospitals will issue e-prescriptions.

Royal Perth Hospital is going to be the first hospital to perform this major revamp. The hospital is in Western Australia.

The service is a joint project. Royal Perth Hospital and WA Health Support Services will take part in it. It also includes ADHA or the Australian Digital Health Agency.

The services will go live after a 3-month trial. After that, it will go live in all hospitals. But some select outpatient clinics will issue e-prescriptions.

Those selected outpatient clinics are Haematology, Immunology, and Anesthesia with Pain medicine. In addition, gastroenterology and Liver Clinics are also included.

The public must register. Medical personnel will provide the e-prescriptions through SMS or email.

The local pharmacy shops are also well equipped to handle this change. They will accept prescriptions in person as well as digitally.

As per ADHA, this project is the first escript issuance in a public metropolitan hospital. It is on a nationwide level.

Ros Jones is the project lead from Royal Perth. He believes that e-prescriptions help them to be responsive. In addition, it is quicker and more efficient.

The Health Department of Australia introduced e-prescriptions in May 2020. By August this year, the department produced more than 72 million digital scripts. In addition, 98% of pharmacies are dispensing medicines based on these digital scripts.

The Department is bearing the cost of SMS. The provision of subsidies is now extended till September. It will end on June 30.

ADHA has received 390,000 registrations for Active Script Lists. The list includes medicines that a patient can receive from a pharmacy. In addition, the registry helps patients manage their lists effectively.

The Health Department is looking for tech sources. It also needs a prescription delivery service and an Active Script List register. The period is 4 years. The Dept sought applications. Fred IT’s eRx and MediSecure are offering the platforms now.