Health and Wellness Informatics News

Altera Digital Health has completed the Sunrise EMR rollout in Gippsland. Apart from this, it has rolled out in the major subregional and regional health services. However, it took place under Gippsland Health Alliance in Victoria.

This happened after the 3rd-phase of implementation of Sunrise in emergency department facilities in GHA. As per Altera, this rollout is the largest EMR deployment on Microsoft Azure.

The IT company’s health won the competitive tender of delivering an EMR solution to GHA in 2017. Also, the 1st implementation took place at Latrobe Regional Hospital.

The archive of New Zealand Archives NZ has disclosed instances related to unauthorized access. All this relates to historical health records that happened 3 months ago.

A former Archives NZ staff member informed the agency on 19th September. He said that some digitized health records from the 1950s were made accessible by mistake. The records were restricted to the public. It also becomes viewable to the public users of the Rosetta digital image system.

After this, however, the aging agency stopped access in no time. It also notified the Te Whatu Ora and Privacy Commission of a powerful privacy breach.

According to the agency, the problem caused because of human errors and not system errors.

eHealth NSW helped in setting up 2 digital platforms for supporting NSW Health’s vaccination campaign. It was also the fight against Monkeypox.

The Monkeypox Vaccination Administration Management came into existence for public health staff. It is now live at 27 NSW mpox vaccination clinics. The system offers end-to-end administrative tools, including clinic capacity management. Also, it considers automated workflows.

The other platform is the online booking portal. Also, it is for the citizens looking for mpox immunization. About 4,000 people using the portal got their shots in the launch’s 1st month.

The Western Australia Department of Health is going to deliver remote care solutions in Pilbara. The objective is to develop a research-backed technical solution for enhancing health outcomes. It is also going to help the people living on the outskirts of Pilbara.