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SA Health is all set to implement the Sunrise EMR from Altera Digital Health.

However, it is going to implement this over the local health networks and regional hospitals. It will do this in the coming 2 years. It has partnered with Digital Health SA. 

The regional patients will have enormous benefits from the present statewide EMR rollout. This is because it will enhance the patient experience. This step will reduce the requirement for them to repeat X-ray imaging and pathology. It will also offer medical information at every stage of the treatment journey. The clinicians can access information from anywhere.

All the regional implementations will support the administrative and clinical workforce. However, the purpose is to deliver enhanced care through streamlined procedures.

Barossa Hills, Flinders and Upper North, and Limestone coast will receive the first activation.

This plan has come up after the state government has set an extra investment aside. The amount is $31.1 million. In 2019, SA Health revamped the EMR system across the state. It is also present in most metropolitan hospitals. However, the implementation at Children’s and Women’s Health network is due for completion.

Altera completed the same EMR system rollout. It did it over the main regional and subregional health services. It also represents the biggest deployment of EMR in Australia on Microsoft Azure.

The system is going to link the regional hospitals to the metropolitan ones in real time. This will enhance the movement and flow of staff and patients over the LHNs. Besides, it will also increase patient experience. People can receive care very close to their homes.

The integrated program is very valuable in hospitals. In the coming days, we will see the other benefits that will bring to us. It will offer you the ability to share information across the health systems. The move to statewide deployment will play an indispensable role in the future.