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Indonesia has made the use of EMR compulsory. This rule will be in effect till 31st December 2023. This system will help the healthcare system move to digital records.

Indonesia has made the digital transition compulsory. Electronic medical records are now mandatory. The timeline for this transition is till the 31st of December, 2023. This comes under ministerial regulation. All healthcare facilities must implement EMRs.

The ministerial regulation acts as a framework. However, it drives the health technology services in Indonesia. This also acts as one of Indonesia’s health transformation pillars. The Health Ministry of Indonesia released the above statement on the 9th Sept.

Setiaji is the Chief of the Digital Transformation Office. He also said that the government is aware of the digital developments. Society is also a part of it, he says. Because of this big change, we need to use digital records. But he says that we need to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

The Health Ministry developed and researched the SATUSEHAT platform. All health facilities must join this platform. By the end of this year, there will be a fusion of 8,000 such facilities. The right to get their EMR should be with the patient only. The patients will also get this right.

The mapping of all the facilities related to healthcare will get completed this year. The Health Ministry wants to know whether the institutions are ready or not. Once the mapping is over, the ministry will use levels to install it.

EMR has many positive use cases for the healthcare system. It will also improve the service quality. Paper-based records would have led you to many diagnoses. But a digital record is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis.

There are other more general advantages. They include time-saving, cost reduction, and manpower efficiency. The data access is also going to be flawless within healthcare institutions. The hospitals don’t need to hire more people for this system. Indonesia’s health system is going to be excellent with this system in place.