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The government organization oversees the Emirate’s health system. It reportedly manages over five million patient records at present.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the government organization that oversees the EMR system. It reportedly upgraded its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) got created in June 2007.

It is also the strategic health authority for the Emirate of Dubai. The DHA’s aim in Dubai is to provide an accessible, effective and integrated healthcare system. This is to improve its digital experience.

This got reported by the UAE’s official government news agency, WAM. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) known as “Salama”. This also got updated to ensure that patients visiting DHA hospitals have access to a maximum number of healthcare services digitally. This is to enhance the patient experience through the DHA app. It also currently has more than five million patient medical records on file.

According to the DHA, Salama connects its hospitals, primary healthcare centers, specialty centers, and medical fitness centers. It also connects several private facilities. It is also dedicated to dialysis and physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. The EMR system covers all of DHA’s core functions that including administration and labs. It also covers radiology, cardiology, and emergency services.

Salama reportedly got upgraded to allow patients to access their records. This access is from home via the DHA portal or mobile application. Data available to patients now include upcoming appointments and prescriptions. It also includes medications and clinical results. However, the updated EMR system will also allow for more seamless use of DHA’s telehealth offerings. WAM stated this. Kleitham Al Shamsi is the director of Information Technology at the DHA.

Shamsi stated, “The [Salama] project has been upgraded and supported with the best technologies to keep pace with current and future requirements and provide integrated systems that better serve doctors and patients of DHA health facilities.”

Al Shamsi also added that the service provides the highest level of data privacy and security.