Health and Wellness Informatics News

At the Lyell McEwin Hospital, Sunrise EMR went live. The latest implementation of Sunrise EMR is taking place in South Australia.

Lyell McEwin Hospital is one of the major tertiary hospitals in Adelaide. It went live with the Sunrise EMR and Altera Digital Health’s PAS.

LMH is a part of the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network. It also facilitates surgical diagnostic, medical facilities, support, and emergency services. It serves over 4,00,000 people.

At first, the Sunrise PAS went live with the main clinical functionality. It also took place in the emergency department of LMH in the previous year.

Implementation of Sunrise EMR will take place in the coming 2 years. It will also take place over all the local health networks and regional hospitals of SA. The government has invested $31.1 million in the project.

The health services of Victoria have received an equipment boost. The government of Victoria has kept $55 million for delivering new medical equipment. It will take place in 23 health services across the state.

The Medical Equipment Replacement Program will offer those services with the latest diagnostic tools. It includes microscopes, MRI machines, CT scanners, and digital X-ray units. Also, it will make heart imaging equipment available. It also includes SPECT-CT gamma cameras and fluoroscopy units available.

In New South Wales and Victoria, funds supporting medical research and startups are coming up. The NSW government has also released a $40 million Biosciences Fun for supporting startups. It will occur in the biological sciences sector. However, the goal is to make and market their products over the coming 4 years.

The government of Victoria has opened a 2022 Premier’s Awards for Health and Medical Research. It recognized the capabilities and contributions of medical and health researchers in the state.

Technology is evolving, and so is the medical sector. Changes are taking place at a very fast pace. The upcoming days in the medical sector are bright. New things are already in development.