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The collaboration-focused strategy aims to reduce the clinician workload. It comes as a blessing in disguise in the time of clinician burnout.

HER (Electronic Health Records) proved to increase the clinician workload. Many physicians came up with a solution to reduce the burden. They implemented the use of a scribe. Also, the other digital health approaches.

The team of physicians from Toronto Mental Health launched its strategies. The strategies focus on the collaboration between users and stakeholders. It will also improve the user experience and EHR.

Brain Lo, who is a doctorate student, also stated, “Physician wellness has been a core priority at CAMH, and as part of our mission to ‘bring joy back to medicine,’ there has been a natural focus on addressing the inefficiencies of practice in our EHR as the first step.”

Physician engagement will inspire the workforce. The hybrid physician can address all the inefficiencies. They can bring abroad efficient and effective mental health care. It will also help health care adopt digital health approaches. However, it can evolve with support from physicians.

The community is discussing the impact and value of digital health. They also tend to build intervention and dashboards that can ease better decision-making. Reducing the EHR burden is one of them.

The evaluation and research are some of the key components. Health care is working toward optimization. They believe in developing sustainable solutions for clinicians. They are also looking for a long-term solution to uplift the burden on EHR.

The pandemic brought up various issues in health care. Also, how much digital health plays in the field of healthcare. The HIMS22 expects the attendees to believe in development.

The development aims to empower the physician to drive change. It leads to transformation in the impact and success. The Center for Addiction and Mental Health is working ahead to address issues. The team also came up with the approach in the year 2019. Since then, there have been many developments in the approach.