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Progressive therapeutics are allaying about telehealth security concerns regarding EHR integration

It is averaging 4500 telehealth encounters per month. It has not had a single security lapse or any kind of data breach in the eight years of using the EHR integration for the telehealth solution.

The Progressive Therapeutics in Framingham, Massachusetts, is providing psychiatric care for the patients. It is operating in the greater Metrowest area of the Bay State. It is having none of the licensed mental health professional staff. All of them commits to provide a thorough delivery of psychiatric care based on the latest research with EHR integration.

This practice was an early adopter of telehealth in 2010. They have implemented it as a way of caring for the people. This is helpful for those who are unable to attend the in-person sessions. The caregivers are using WebEx and Google Hangouts at first.

The staff would have juggled with the multiple windows between the EHR and the video call. It has not been a smooth operation. Nor even was it HIPAA- compliant, which had been a major concern.

The HIPAA waivers for telehealth were implemented during the pandemic. Also, it has been a very critical and widespread adoption of telehealth. Healthcare is one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals. The insecure telehealth connections can open up doors for phishing, fraud, and ransomware attacks. Also, it can cause many serious and reputational consequences.

Progressive therapeutics have found the vendor Azalea Health. It has offered a proposal for an EHR solution that comes fully integrated with telehealth. This integration helps telehealth to become HIPAA compliant. These Multinodal solutions also work for torrent files on the internet. With node-to-node solutions like Azalea, there are only two of the connections, and it is a much easier way to operate and confirm a secure fashion.

The Azalea EHR is a cloud-based program that is convenient enough as it lets users log onto the web remotely. The software would be automatically updated without any need for installation. The absence of the on-premises hardware will also lead to a smaller attack surface.

Progress Therapeutics has been using this solution since 2013. The solution is very user-friendly from the start, and it helps to train their staff. It has also helped in customizing the layout for the platform that suits their workflow. The superior team is very consistent in helping them with telehealth billing and using best practices. With this software, telehealth has become much easier and secure.