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Electronic Health Record integration collab by Epic and Myriad Genetics for Genetic testing. It will offer direct information via its MyChart portal.

Myriad Genetics joined forces with Epic to unify EHR integration with genetic testing. The EHR is under the use of around 600,000 physicians. This EHR integration would allow better workflow for the providers of healthcare.

They will order tests at the Myriad platform. At the same time, the results will stay under review on the Epic platform. This would cut down the manual processing. The opportunity to perform these natively on Epic will help providers. This will provide them with genetic insights to enhance personalized care.

Also, the patients can go via test results. They can also access other information through the MyChart portal.

Myriad stated that it is working to develop tools centered around customer care. This would make the process of testing easier and more efficient. This would become easy for patients as well as clinicians.

One such instance of tools is the Precise Oncology suite of tools. In addition, the advancing technology is helping patients to place an order of multiple tests through a single order. This is because of the unified portal available online.

The company aims to broaden its vision. The collaboration is helping it to provide aid to physicians. It is also helping health systems to get efficient accessibility for genetic testing.

Myriad’s President and CEO is Paul J. Diaz. Diaz stated, “Simplifying the process of genetic testing by making it more accessible and interoperable with EHR integration is a key component of our mission to advance health and well-being for all.”

Epic also collaborated with Guardant Health to develop enhanced technology for oncology. Also, Foundation Medicine integrated with Epic to test their services. Alan Hutchison is vice president of population health at Epic. He stated that genetic testing could save lives.

Diaz added that collaboration could result in achieving precision in medicine. The accessibility for genetic insights will reach another level. The huge network acquired by Epic can serve patients well.