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The offices of the inspector general for both agencies. It is also stated that the agencies did not take all necessary actions to achieve EHR interoperability.

The agencies launched the Joint Health Information Exchange and deployed the Cerner EHR interoperability. Unfortunately, it was during this course of time that they did not achieve interoperability of patient care information.

The report stated that achieving interoperability between the DOD, VA, and external healthcare providers by the deployment of a single EHR system is critical. This is because healthcare providers will securely transfer and share health care information for the nation’s 9.6 million DoD armed forces members and 9.21 million enrolled users.

VA’s spokespeople stated that they consider all opportunities for the betterment of the VA’s approach to ensuring a complete electronic health record. The spokespeople continued that they will work closely and effectively with the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization Office and our DOD colleagues.

Congress directed the DOD and VA. This will enable interoperability of patient health information between the departments as part of FY 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Additional requirements got included as part of the FY 2014 NDAA and the FY 2020 NDAA.

The agencies contracted with Cerner in 2015 (for DOD) and 2018 (for VA) to meet the requirements. They plan to deploy its EHR interoperability throughout healthcare facilities over the next decade.

The DOD and VA also established the FEHRM Program Office to provide direction and oversight to organizations.

The joint audit report says that The FEHRM Program Office’s primary mission is to work with the DOD and VA. The aim is to implement EHR interoperability. They also aim to develop and maintain a complete patient record. This is to enhance patient care and healthcare provider effectiveness.

The Deputy Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs agreed with the recommendation to review the actions of the FEHRM Program Office. They will also direct the FEHRM Program Office to develop processes and procedures following the recommendations.

Other than this, they will also ensure that the FEHRM Program Office complies with its charter and applicable NDAA requirements.